Composition of Northland Moulding Layers

1. Expanded Polystyrene Core

2. Fiberglass Reinforced Mesh

3. Flexible Non-Combustible Polymer Based Cement Base Coat

4. Acrylic Architectural Coating

Expanded Polystyrene Core

It is Type-I virgin EPS, which is made of 0% recycled EPS and weighs 1 pound per cubic foot. EPS blocks have to be virgin, otherwise it will degrade and fall apart quicker. Also they have to be oven-cured, fully dried to ensure there is no moisture within the styrofoam that can affect the quality of the product.

Fiberglass Reinforcing Mesh (Alkali Resistant)

Reinforcing fiberglass mesh engineered to maximize strength, conformability and adhesion to all foam shap contours. It is also alkali resistant for extended durability. Specifically engineered mesh design gives high tensile strength. It has enhanced flexibility and conformability even on difficult designs. it’s reliable self-adhesion eliminates de-bonding.


Detail Mesh2.6 oz/yd250 yds.39.4"
Regular Mesh4.5 oz/yd250 yds.38"

Non Combustible Cementious Base Coat (Polymer Based-Flexible)

Northland Moulding mixes specifically modified cement that contains acrylics for work-ability and higher flexibility and “acrylic binder” (a type of glue) together to produce more flexible and durable quality products. It is resistant against tension from expansion and contraction due to weather and impact of external sources.

Fiberglass mesh applied profiles are passed through an extrusion machine which applies polymer based cememtious base coat in a uniform thickness over shapes between 1/16 and 1/8 of an inch. After this process they are cured for 24 hours and prepared for second coat which will be application of another layer of base coat at an average thickness of 1/16th of an inch again. Altogether there will be more than 1/8″ protective layer over EPS shapes.

Acrylic Architectural Coating

This layer is going to be decided by the owner or architect. It can be acrylic paint or acrylic finish coat and it will be applied on site by the applicator.

Northland Moulding is an Edmonton Moulding company that specializes in the production of moulding products.

Northland Moulding Lt’d combining years of experience in exterior stucco projects with imagination and delicacy is now serving North America with a wide portfolio of architectural trims.

Automated Production line meets all kinds of demands for residential and commercial needs of architectural mouldings. Great quality starting bands and trims are cost effective tools for stucco companies. Northland Moulding Ltd. is also fast and competent in custom moulding production.